Embracing Compassion: Upcoming Vegan Events Celebrating Food, Local Artists, Animals, and Small Businesses

Article by Kimmy Addison

As the world continues to evolve, so does our understanding of ethical consumption and sustainable living. Veganism, a lifestyle choice that promotes cruelty-free practices and the exclusion of animal products, has gained significant momentum in recent years. To celebrate this growing movement and spread awareness about its numerous benefits, a series of upcoming vegan events are set to take place, uniting individuals passionate about food, art, animals, and small businesses.

Cocktails, Cats & Crafts Fundraiser: Supporting Local Rescues

One notable event on the vegan calendar is the “Cocktails, Cats & Crafts” fundraiser, scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 13, from 3-7 p.m. The event will be hosted at Velum Fermentation, located at 2120 Jane St. on the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA. Attendees are encouraged to make a suggested donation of $15 in cash at the bar, with all proceeds benefiting four designated charities.

Benefiting Charities:

  • Kitty Queen Cat Rescue 
  • The Black Cat Market 
  • Humane Action Pgh. 
  • Among the Wildflowers Sanctuary 

The primary objective of this fundraiser is to support local rescues that tirelessly work to ensure the well-being of animals in need. The suggested donation, collected in a specified bucket at the bar, will be distributed among four deserving charities. These organizations play a crucial role in rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing sanctuary for animals, while also advocating for animal rights and promoting the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Velum will have a You’ve Got to Be Kitten Me beer, with a portion of sales benefitting the charities. 

Vendors will sell cat-themed treats and other items, vegan food, kitty-themed face painting (with vegan paint) and more! 

Even the music will be kitty-themed!


The fusion of veganism, wellness, and local businesses has paved the way for exciting events that bring together individuals passionate about plant-based cuisine, holistic well-being, and supporting small enterprises. Another upcoming event is the “Hops & Health Hooplah” at Hop Farm Brewing, where attendees can indulge in a variety of vegan food options, sip on refreshing beers, and explore an array of vendors offering wellness products, art, coffee, and more. This event promises a vibrant celebration of health, flavor, and community.

Hops & Health Hooplah: A Vegan Food and Vendor Extravaganza

On Friday, August 25th, from 6pm to 9pm, Hop Farm Brewing will host the highly anticipated “Hops & Health Hooplah” event. Located at 5601 Butler Street, this gathering aims to showcase the best of Hop Farm’s vegan cuisine, while also providing a platform for local vendors specializing in wellness products, soap, candles, skincare, art, coffee, and more. The event is open to all, with free admission ensuring accessibility for everyone interested in exploring the vibrant world of veganism and holistic well-being.