Vendor Application for Pittsburgh Vegan Expo / The ORIGINAL Pittsburgh Vegan Festival

Sat. July 8, 2023 at Monroeville Convention Center, Event 11am – 6pm

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The only contact for this event is Amy “Amethyst” Cottrill, using the email address [email protected], or addresses directly from No other persons, email addresses, or domain names are associated with Pittsburgh Vegan Expo / The ORIGINAL Pittsburgh Vegan Festival.

Vendors will sell food, dessert, products, services, art, healing arts, health and wellness services, metaphysical services and products, fitness services, and much more. A limited number of food trucks will be accepted for outside. Remaining food and all other vendor booths will be indoors. Everything must be vegan-approved: No animal products, by-products, ingredients, no animal testing, and no promoting of using animals for entertainment. 

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